Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Scotland's New Constitution

Iceland seem to be rewriting  their constitution, crowdsourcing it actually. I find it incredible that so few news sources are talking  about this. I think its great, and i bet they produce a really good constitution.

When Scotland becomes independent, or a European state, i think we should produce a constitution too. I think we should build on  from the Icelandic one (afterall they've done a lot of work on it, it seems pointless to start from scratch).

I do worry that Scotland is full of twats and we would make an arse of it. But i guess you  just have to hope.

Here are some suggestions i would like to make:

  1. No Politicians.
    I was really annoyed when i found out that Billy Bloody Connolly had said this before, but the last people you  want in power should be people who want power.
    To get round this i think there shold be a national service/jury duty system of 2 years of government running.
    Some may say that you  need the best to run  a country - in  the same way that you  need to pay the most to get the best to run  the banks  but actually i think there is a good argument to pay someone a lot less to run   the banks afterall they couldn't do it any worse?
    Anyway, i like the idea of some granny laying  it on the line to Putin.
    And i include Councils in  this. Edinburgh does seem to be run by a bunch of crooks, as does Inverness, and i suppose its the same everywhere.
    I do find amatuer to be always (ok you  could have a point with doctors) preferrable to professionals. Professional seems to be mean an ability to lie and avoid. 
  2. Open Government
    Everything  that gets said or done should be visible, a permanent wikileaks, cameras in  the office!
  3. Keep religion out of Politics
     There are a lot of Gods, and perhaps there is a nice one somewhere but the Old Testament god (or 3-in-1 god) is far too unpleasant to be allowed anywhere near any opinion making. To badly quote Ghandi: christians aren't very christian are they?
    This one went on  a lot longer but i keep cutting  it back. Bunch of .........
  4. Gay Marriage - yes
  5. Liberalise drugs - yes
  6. No Trident - yes
    I mean if you  have a war do you  have to wait 3 weeks for the sub  to get there? You'd be quicker (and a bit cheaper) sending  it Royal Mail First Class - and less visible from space.
  7. Armed forces
    Nothing  against armed forces. Probably  need one, best to have it well equipped. But sharing  is nice. I was speaking  to a guy who worked for the Duchy of Luxembourg. He was telling  me that Luxembourg had an airforce - one plane or rather half a plane, shared with Belgium, an AWAC, i think it was flying  around Libya at the time.
  8. Evidence Based Laws
    And if you  make a new law - give it a Dead man's switch so it automatically dies after 5 years, unless evidence says it has worked and should be renewed, and not had some terrible unforeseen consequence.
  9. Patents
     No software patents, biological patents or medical patents. Patents have to be more thoroughly checked, and if they are not used within  5 years (?) die.
  10. Copyright
    We, the people are the holders of copyright, and we grant copyright for a short period of time before it reverts back to the public domain. If copyright is needed at all (and architecture, food and fashion make a good argument that it is not needed), it should be for  - i don't know, Queen Anne set it to 14 years. That seems too long.
    Maybe it should be a Creative Commons Licence
  11. No Unemployment Benefit, or Unemployment benefit department, no state pension
     This is nicer than it sounds. Actually i first heard it from a Director of Barlays back in  the early '90s. The idea is this: everyone gets say £120 a week, kids get less, pensioners more. If you  are earning then it gets taxed back off you. Its sort of simple. Too simple? i don't know how the maths would work, but the UK has not  produced much great music over the last 2 decades. I think thats directly attributable to the increased difficulty of getting  unemployment benefit. And now we have Brit School. OK, so i  am biased, not everything  should be based on  whether music is good or not. But All good music seems to have come from Canada of late - whats their system like?
  12. 3 day week? 4 day week?
     I think we should all work less, earn less, spend less and do more (yes i wrote a song about that, actually an album). Have more time to be friends, to be family, to think and do and help. The week would still be 7 days, and work would continue on  all these days ( though i would hope less at  weekends) - just there would be many more jobs for all. Its a sort of job share for all i suppose. If you  are self employed then its up  to you  how long you  work. I also think this would bring down house prices, in fact prices for everything.
  13. Heres a controversial one - i  am pro hunt!
    Actually i hate hunting. I went on  one once, god awful, 10 folk stood around far to early, in  the rain,  speaking  in  funny accents (yorkshire), very boring. But of the thousands of hunts only 10 are actually posh - red coats and horses that you  see on  the BBC, the rest are like this. The thing  is i like using animals to hunt other animals. As an almost vegetarian i get very excited watching  ladybirds hunt and kill greenfly on  my veg. I hate cats but they do keep mice away, i love dogs and they are great at ratting. Japanese catching  fish  with comarants (Ukai Fishing) is just plain  cool. So yes i  am pro hunt.
    There have been billions of years of animals eating  each other alive: if you  are old, cold, young, hungry or wounded, or just plain slow, then you  got eaten alive. The fact is that now we have no big predators doing  the darwinian thing, we have to do it. And the cheapest most natural  ( and i mean darwinian survival of the healthiest on  average) way is to allow those who want to do it do it. I don't mean cock fighting, or bear bating etc.. just allow hunting. A dog kills a rat, a dog kills a hare, a dog kills a fox.
    When i have this argument with friends (who are all anti-hunting it seems) it always comes down to one thing: they dont really care about the animal, they just hate posh folk hunting. But the thing  is, its not posh folk who do the most hunting, its incomprehensible yorkshiremen/women.
  14. Free Speech, Anonymity and Dumb Pipe Internet (net neutrality)
    Everybody has something  to hide. If i look up  a disease on  the internet, lets say twice, i do not want it logged on a database and sold onto an insurance company so that i and ALL my descendents forever get charged more for insurance because they think we have that disease. So yes we all have stuff to hide, so do not start saying 'if you've done nothing  wrong you  have nothing  to hide'. 
  15. Racism and Economic Migration
    Scottish racism is based on  accent. If you  have a scottish accent then you  are scottish if you  dont you  aren't. My son is scottish, I am not. Oh, and i am an economic migrant. My 900 year ago father came to scotland looking  for work - any raping, pillaging would do - and stuck around, got on  with the locals (those left after aforementioned job opportunities). There are very few countries where the actual indigenous folk exist - and scotland is not one of them. We should welcome anyone from anywhere and be grateful they bother with this dark soggy land.
  16. Scottish law - should speak English
    I have been passing  legal documents (taking  a peculiarly inept Edinburgh Solicitors to court for failing  to check the Deeds) to my stepfather - a retired barrister, and he is shocked by how incomprehensible this stuff is. I can only suppose its so conversations between lawyers can take a nice long time so they can charge more.
There's more, i expect i'll come back to this a lot - and get rid of stuff i disagree with later. But what do you  think? What would you  add to your Scottish Constitution.

UPDATE 24 JAN 2012
sorry  - first rule of the internet - someones already done it.
so, here are 2:

    Monday, 28 November 2011

    Spotified - 25-26-27 Nov

    For 20 years i have thought of Prince as a: a numpty, b: an unfunky numpty at that. The rhythms were so strict, so rigid, compared to the lose '70s funk of, well everybody else pretty well.

    OK, Friday night was an orgy of Prince, admittedly early Prince and the singles mainly, but oh it was magic. What a funny guy (i've heard he got religion now so that would explain a lot), and how sort of home made it is, and really funky. i think Darling Nikki was the winner.

    Why why do the radio always play ruddy Tom Jones's lame-arse version of Kiss and not the original. Its a crime.

    So, following  on  from this we wondered whether other people were actually good . So, here goes:
    • Queen: equally marvelous and hilarious, but what a voice. I porbably didn't need to hear 7 Seas of Rye, but the greatest of the greatest hits were great
    • Madonna: meh! just about made it through Borderline.
    • The Monochrome Set: Did one song, can see  that many bands made a career out of copying  them (stand up  Franz Ferdinand)
    • Magazine: maybe later
    • Smiths - never not liked them - apart from the time when i hated them, ie when they existed, came to them late, 1993, but goodness what songs. I won't share you - heaven.
    • Donna Summer: Love to love you Baby. Fantastic
    • Jesus Christ Superstar - listen jesus - ok
    • Aretha Franklin: say a little prayer nice
    • Jean Knight: Mr Big Stuff: still good
    • Jacksons: (Stop) The love you save  - great
    • Michael Jackson: alright, i guess, Billy Jean anyway, gave up  after that
    • Annie - Give a little love - well i love it
    By which time the Logitech was having  a hernia and turning  off every 2.5 minutes so we gave up  and listened to Bon Iver's new album again. God they were good live.

    Also listened to Raime, Soft Moon ( i think?), Do you  realise by the flaming  Lips (brilliant) and lots more that i can't remember now.

    Friday, 25 November 2011

    Do shaver blades get worse when the next number of blades come out?

    Last night, as i shave in  the bath, i binned my worn out Gillette Ultra Max Man Trio Blade head or whatever its called, and reached for a new one. But with my new pack of 5 blades, that for some reason now costs £7, came a 6 Blade head.

    Which needless to say annoyed me.

    And reminded me of a thought i had back in  the late '80s that i should patent 5, 6 ,7 ,8 ,9 10 blade heads before they made them and if any company asked for patent i could then say: 'No, make better 1 or 2 blade shavers'.

    Because it was really starting  to annoy me that as they brought out the 3 blade shaver the 2 blade seemed to get worse as had the 1 blade before it.

    Now the manufacturer will say that that's because the 3 blade was so much better. But i am not sure that that's true. I suspect they also made the single blades slightly worse.

    And now we are on 6 blades and i imagine that the 3 blades will start to be made blunter.

    So, each year i look at my grandfather's cut-throat razors and think: will i start using  them?

    Its just the name: Cut Throat. Couldn't they have named them 'You  will definitely die using  these?' or something slightly plainer.

    Anyway, If i can  work out how to sharpen  them (if they need it) i may give them a go.

    I guess this could be my last post. But the walls of the bathroom are red so there's no need to worry about redecorating.

    Thursday, 24 November 2011

    All been quiet on the Spotify Front - Damn You Logitech!

    Our evenings of listening  to new music on Spotify have been problematic of late. And it turns out we are not alone.
    A quick search brought up  our problem: PureFi Anywhere 2 Speakers Cutting Out/Turning Off.

    It seems, that though the speakers get excellent audio reviews, as soon as you  plug an external source of music into the speakers they can start cutting  off.

    The problem seems to be that the sleep mode that protects the batteries from being used up (its portable too - for those camping moments??) still gets applied even when its plugged into the mains, and somehow after two and a half minutes it will just start turning itself off.

    This does not happen with an iPod plugged in , just when a computer or other source of music is plugged in.

    Lovely speakers - hopeless to use for spotify or playing  music from your server/computer.

    Luckily we have a lovely new hifi on its way after christmas from DabHandRadio. Well i hope its lovely. It will look lovely, its a PHILIPS 141U BAKELITE WIRELESS RADIO, sorry about the caps. Its one of these:

    Saturday, 15 October 2011

    Friday Diary - including spotified 111015

    I just don't remember this but supposedly we ended up  last week listening  Tom  Waits. Certainly we began there last night - but it was like listening  to Daniel O'Doneel with a bad cold. Slick Radio 2light listening, pretty hellish. Must have been a recent album or something.

    Luckily i saved the day, which is something  i don't get to say often, by turning  to our lord. Something  else i don't get to say often.

    How I converted to our Lord Creator.

    Ok the 'our' bit is a bit gratuitous. But it all began couple of months ago when Radio 2 wasn't playing Mama Cass's 'It's Getting Better', and slapped on 'Kingston Town'  (Not NOT UB40's turgid version) but, well, but frankly by who. Rushed off to dig up  the playlist for that hour and found: Lord Creator. And of course forgot his name within  a few days. Until this week when is just sort of appeared as if having  been through a long lost walk in  the woods of my cavernous head.

    I have been getting  excited about having  a grown-up  chrismas party in  our flat. It involves me upping  the DIY ante and getting  a lot more done by December, but i will try. I want: Mullet wine (of course), sweetish german white wine, Dress:  Lounge Suits (saw that on  my mothers 80th birthday party invite), Buffet (random odd vegetarian-isms, bhajis, samosas), and Lord Creator on  all night. Much as i would like to inflict Seefeel on  everyone, i just dont think guitar electronica is everyone's cup of tea, but Lord Creator's missing  link between Calypso and early Reggae is fantastic. One minute he's getting  his girl home in  time with 'Don't Stay out Late' with 50's crooner / doo wop but with brilliant brass soloists (but this extra distorted rhythm guitar), then he's calypsoing with Ma & Pa. Genius. Perfect gentle party music. Even earlier than Desmond Dekker, but heading  in  that direction. (I saw Desmond Dekker twice (or three time) in  London, brilliant).

    Vegetarian still? Probably not.
    I found myself having  a sausage roll yesterday.  This last week has been distinctly lose on the food front. And had more John Dorey last night.

    I like this 15 minute recipe we've brewed up:
    1. Fry an onion / and or leek, garlic, chilli - to taste, salt and pepper, with lid on. Not too hot.
    2. Put fish in, in  2 bits. Medium heat, with lid on.
    3. Turn fish after a few minutes. drop a bag of Spinach on top, with lid on.
    4. When Spinach has collapsed / cooked Serve.
    So good bye Carol Vorderman, i certainly enjoy vegetables much more, and mainly eat just that, but by heck black pudding's a treat.

    Saturday, 8 October 2011

    Friday Diary - including spotified 111008

    Lets begin with something  fishy - a John Dorey. Cheaper than i thought but firm and hick and very nice. Panfried with chilli (too much) , garlic and onions and spinach on top. Very nice. After discovering  Turbet last month things are really looking  up  on  the fish front. Does that make us Piscatorian Immoral Vegans?

    Broken Social Scene - listened to the to hits, the latest album and parts of their first album. All pretty good, will have to investigate further.
    Wild Beasts  - very curious, he has a voice like all '80s singers in  one: David Sylvian, and Heaven 17, Marc Almond, Spandau Ballet, Limahl, the whole lot, and yet its pretty good, modern sound with these vocals.

    But then Spotified ran out. Our 10 hours for October gone. So fast! So we dug out some albums (ripped to harddrive) and got stuck into  - can't remember, was it Bonobo?

    In  the mean time we decided on  what albums to buy:
    1. Washed Out
    2. Twin Sister
    3. Beach House - Beach House
    4. SeeFeel
    Plus amazon single downloads (DRM free you see) of:
    1. Can - Vitamin C 
    2. Mogwai - Get to France
    3. TV on  the Radio - Wolf like me
    Which is very encouraging. Though what to do about spotify? Maybe i will by it for a month? Or maybe try somewhere else - Jamendo?

    So, on  hearing  that the best shops were still:
    1. Ebay
    2. Asos
    3. Berties
    And now Rokit - for vintage stuff.

    The worst shop is TopShop it seems. Doesn't work in  Opera, i crime i heartily agree with.

    But an interesting point made is that paying  by Paypal is always better than paying  by credit/debit card. Almost one click and no extra Bank Password messing  about. I don't want to start saying  that this is the end of Banks as thats what i have thought about most big business since 2000, but its a very interesting continuation of the process.

    Other things
    Well i  am hoping  that a new design  is on  the way for InkBoutique. Nice drawings were witnessed.
    An old bedside table has now produced its third bit of furniture - an above-door shelf for the kitchen.

    Some painful typos dealt with, plus. While Amazon  was not so great, i bought the albums but the singles downloads now involved installing  a program (though its great that they had 4 different linux distribution installers) why? Why can we not just download the tracks - you  send us the cds, its no different. But installing software ('It is required for album purchases, and makes downloading songs fast and easy') and there was no other option - for singles, or just to say 'no thanks i want my singles delivered slow and difficult thanks very much' seems not to be an option. What happens if you  close your amazon  account, or when amazon  get bought out in  5 years, or if i want to move the songs to my mp3 player? my car? So, no. Not buying  singles from amazon. Petty perhaps but...

    Saturday, 1 October 2011

    11/10/01 Spotified

    SeeFeel - an awful lot of them
    Susumu Yokota
    Fridge  - Happiness album though maybe not the first track
    Neu! - but not the revelation that Can was.
    Girls - back to Girls, pretty good though theres a track in  the middle to be missed out

    Tuesday, 20 September 2011

    What thats coming over the hill - is it a hairline!

    The title is maybe a bit ambitious. But its roughly six weeks since i began rubbing  cat killer on  my head so it's time for an update.

    And the update is: well maybe.

    I think the big point here is to set some rules before you  start. My early photos are no help.So,

    1. If you  have a bald area - is it smooth or are there fine hairs?
    2. Get a haircut! It will make it easier to note whats where before you  begin.
    3. In  areas of slight hair - just how slight is it?
    Because that is my problem at the moment:

    1. My Bald patch is fuzzy?? is it new hair
    2. I had a haircut (my first in   babers  for 30 years i reckon) and now i can see a slight hairline appearing  beyond my bald area - was it always there?
    3.  Betwen my non-existent widows peak and the bald area are patches that grow in  from my Caesar sides - are the growing  thicker and is that new growth of dark hair?
    So you  see my problem. And my photography does not help.
    So, this is the new shot of my head. Does it look fuzzier to you? Compared to the old shot below.
     Wishful thinking hey?

    Well, we'll see - i have another 6-10 weeks to go before i give up. And i am very curious about the bum fluff and the new short hair i can see in  amongst the lone grass.

    I have not been perfectly regular. I often forget the evening mousse. It does sting on  cuts (in  my case, a distasteful rash i had before this began. i think caused by hats??).

    Monday, 19 September 2011

    11/09/17 Spotified

    Twin Sister

    Washed Out: Washed Out

    then we tried


    Amongst a lot of other stuff.

    Then i asked: i've never heard Can.

    Listened to Vitamin C
    omg wtf!

    and more Can is good.

    Can't work out Spotify. Is it turning  off my speakers every 2 minutes? Is it worth paying  for? We buy probably an album a month, roughly the same as Spotify premium. But you  cant move spotify to the car  - yet. And you  can't keep the music to do with what you  will. Its really good for finding new music, just wish is was free.

    and of course mine own cas10 4t6

    Its good to share, that's why we all do it.

    Its good to share. That's what our parents taught us, and it's true. Maybe you do it to show off your taste, maybe you do it for the love of the art, or maybe to guide someone in a direction they might not have thought of. Or maybe you do it just because you can. But you do do it, as did your parents and grandparents. Obviously you shared your sweets, and thereby the manufacturer lost a sale. But in this case i don't mean sweets, or clothes, or time, i mean files. You share files.

    Firstly you set up your file sharing system. You make (or your parents) a collection of files available and on display on a coffee table, book shelf or record collection. Not only do you allow people to browse the system, but you also promote certain files - 'do read this book', 'have you read this article', 'i'll make you a tape of this'.

    You do this knowing that the person you shared the copy with might well not buy that file, but you know, because it had happened to you, that there is a good chance not only of them sharing files back with you but also that they will buy new files of, for instance, that same author, or of a new artist.

    You may even have known that inside every book it says: 'shall not be lent....or otherwise circulated...'.

    But this how you discovered your favourite authors and musicians - from your parents books and your friends. And you continue on the tradition even now because sharing is good.

    Its not piracy, its not stealing (nothing is being taken from someone that they no longer have it), its not counterfeiting, its sharing a copy.

    And it benefits the artists.

    I'll get back to the benefits to the artist in a second but first i do see a minor flaw to the above argument: and that is that when sharing a book normally you got the book back (normally!). Only one copy gets circulated at a time. With digital, the copy is permanent (if its kept - though most people still have a limit to their file storage) and can be re-shared, and the sharee is anonymous.

    It sounds dramatically different from individual lending - but is it? Individually you are denying a sale but expect more sales later. With digital the distribution is quicker, you are therefore denying more sales in one go, but why can't you continue the thought process to the next step which is that you can expect more sales to come form it?

    And now we're back - it benefits the artist. (!)

    How can that be when everyone knows the Music business, Film and Book business is being murdered by pirates?

    Well, is it? Are they? Here are some figures, it took a bit of time to find these - maybe 3 or 4 minutes.

    US Movie Market Summary 1995 to 2011
    Revenue ($bn): 1995- $5.29 2011- $10.68.

    UK Book Sales - 2001-2010:
    2001 £2,511m, 2010 £3,110m

    Worldwide Music Industry Revenues (2006 - 2011):
    2006 ($60.7 billion), 2011 ($67.6 billion)

    PRS (Performing Rights Society UK):
    'So, here’s how the big numbers shape up: the size of the pie came to £3.9 billion, up 5% on 2008. This year, the pie not only grew again'.
    (note the 'again'). This also shows that the BPI, and PPL also had a good year.

    I can tell you who are not having a good time - some record labels.

    I say some because obviously lots - XL for instance are having a great time, those that do '360' deals with artists so that merchandising and live music is included in the deal do well.

    The big guys like EMI - now run by Citigroup, ie bankers, are, needless to say doing hopelessely - though i am sure they have 'had to offer the best wages to get the best in the business' (i do wish they would try some one cheap for a change - they might do better). And Sony is a joke, rootkitting their cds! Warner and Universal - well who knows.

    They had their chance with Napster back in 2000. The big Music German media firm Bertelsmann wanted to buy it. One hopes to tun it into something better and sooner than itunes. After all, while:

    Worldwide Recorded Music Revenues (2006 - 2011): 
    2006 ($36.0 billion), 2011 ($34.7 billion)

    have dropped a bit

    Worldwide Digital Music Revenues (2006-2001):
    $2.9 billion (2006), 14.8 billion (2011)

    have shot up. One wonders what would have happened if Napster/Bertelsmann had gone legit in 2000?


    'Along with the accusations that Napster was hurting the sales of the record industry, there were those who felt just the opposite, that file trading on Napster actually stimulated, rather than hurt, sales. Some evidence may have come in July 2000 when tracks from English rock band Radiohead's album Kid A found their way to Napster three months before the CD's release. Unlike Madonna, Dr. Dre or Metallica, Radiohead had never hit the top 20 in the US. Furthermore, Kid A was an experimental album without any singles, and received relatively little radio airplay. By the time of the record's release, the album was estimated to have been downloaded for free by millions of people worldwide, and in October 2000 Kid A captured the number one spot on the Billboard 200 sales chart in its debut week.'

    But Napster got shutdown by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) in 2001. The 'RIAA works to protect the intellectual property and First Amendment rights of artists and music labels'.

    Which is true, they do. The second in command at the RIAA is Mitch Glazier. He's quite famous.

    Back in 1999 Mitch Glazier, the chief counsel to a Senate subcommittee seems to have added the words "as a sound recording" -– within the Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act of 1999, which meant that Congress essentially changed the work-for-hire section of the copyright code. (Wired)

    It was quickly undone by Congress but Mitch Glazier was immediately hired by the RIAA - RIAA's Cary Sherman: "Wouldn't you expect that we would try to hire the guy who has done more copyright legislation in this town than anyone else in the last five years?", for i believe $500,000 pa and now he's second in command at the RIAA (Washington Post).

    My point is, they may say that they are doing it for the artists 'think of the artists!' they are not. They are doing it for themselves and possibly for the record labels.

    Its not like any of the money from the Napster case or any other infringement case has gone to artists - which is why they the artists sued their labels (NY Post)

    But what about the actual losses from File Sharing - i've heard its billions.

    The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) has a figure of $58billion produced by The Institute for Policy Innovation. Which has been rather thoroughly debunked here.

    And thats where the GAO come in. The US Government Accountability Office. The GAO was instructed to study piracy's impact as part of the Intellectual Property Act of 2008 (PRO-IP Act). GAO interviewed officials and subject matter experts from U.S. government agencies, industry associations etc...The end result was:

    "Some experts we interviewed and literature we reviewed identified potential positive economic effects of counterfeiting and piracy," The GAO wrote. "Some consumers may knowingly purchase a counterfeit or pirated product because it is less expensive than the genuine good or because the genuine good is unavailable, and they may experience positive effects from such purchases. Consumers may use pirated goods to 'sample' music, movies, software, or electronic games before purchasing legitimate copies," the GAO continued. "(This) may lead to increased sales of legitimate goods."

    Since then there have been a lot of studies:

    1. Industry Canada:
    The Impact of Music Downloads and P2P File-Sharing on the Purchase of Music: A Study for Industry Canada
    'we find ... that P2P file-sharing tends to increase rather than decrease music purchasing.For every 12 P2P downloaded songs, music purchases increase by 0.44 CDs. That is, downloading the equivalent of approximately one CD increases purchasing by about half of a CD.

    2. Creative Destruction and Copyright Protection: Regulatory Responses to File-Sharing by researchers at London School of Economics and Political Science
    P2P Helps “Stimulate Creative Industries”

    3. Digital Music Survey conducted by Ipsos Media Ct for Demos
    'two-thirds of those who illegally download music spent an average of £75 ($123 USD) a year on music versus £44 ($72 USD) by those that don’t (10% buy a “lot more,” 16% a little more, and 47% “about the same).'

    4. Media Cos.' Best Customers: Those Who Steal Their Content
    Our survey shows that the P2P user attends 34% more movies in theaters, purchases 34% more DVDs and rents 24% more movies than the average internet user. The P2P user owns more HDTVs and is more likely to own a high-def-DVD player, too.

    What i do know and what i dont know.
    I dont know about ecomonics and statistics, maybe all the reviews and surveys on both sides are rubbish.

    But when a law is passed to retroactively extend copyright another 20 years from 50 to 70 years after the death of the artist. I start to worry. Can you change laws retroactively?

    As the PPL say:
    “This is a tremendous development and we must recognise the goodwill of the politicians in Britain and other parts of Europe who understood that this key change in the copyright legislation was long overdue. I am delighted that we at PPL, jointly with our many thousands of individual performer and record company members, have been able to play an important role in this process. It is not possible to overstate the effectiveness of the sterling work by many individual PPL performers who signed copyright petitions, lobbied Parliament here and in Brussels and generally remained completely engaged and determined to succeed."

    So, the government got lobbied by a special interest group who finally took what was ours (the people) to give to a small monopoly.

    'The Directive is expected to be implemented across all EU Member States by 2013, extending the term of protection from 50 to 70 years for performers and producers of recorded music...income streams will continue to flow through to the whole community of recording artists, orchestral players, session musicians, backing singers and other performers for an additional period of 20 years'

    An additional 20 years has been added to the 50 years added after the musician is dead?

    I understand how that may benefit the 5,750 record label members of the PPL. But the artists? Is that supposed to encourage artists to make new work from the grave? Its definitely viewed as a pension plan for 'those individuals reach ripe old age and are no longer able to exercise their profession'. But i thought, whatever your job you should learn to save, or take a pension? Why should musicians get special protection?

    All that really happened there was that art was stolen from the public domain for another 20 years.

    Statute of Anne in April 1710 was concerned with the reading public, the continued production of useful literature, and the advancement and spread of education. The central plank of the statute is a social quid pro quo; to encourage "learned men to compose and write useful books" the statute guaranteed the finite right to print and reprint those works. It established a pragmatic bargain involving authors, the booksellers and the public.

    We are not the thieves.
    We, the public, are the rightsholders. We, through our servants in government, allow a short term monopoly to creators so they could get a head start in earning money. But that deal has been ignored or forgotten. When Rightsholders are invited to discuss copyright law we are not included. Our Governments listen to lobbyists not us and fail to represent us. So while the creators and , frankly their middlemen, take what is rightfully ours so we no longer have it (aka stealing) they accuse us of stealing by copying what should be ours. It was supposed to be a deal for the benefit of the public too - and they are getting forgotten.

    As Sarkozy seems to say: Le ministère des affaires étrangères a fait savoir que la France ne souhaite pas signer de déclaration de l'ONU favorable à la défense des droits de l'Homme sur Internet tant qu'il n'y aura pas de consensus sur le fait que la liberté d'expression et de communication ne prime pas sur les autres droits, en particulier la propriété intellectuelle.

    Which may say: Copyright Is More Important Than Human Rights. It kind of depends how good your french is. It may say Copyright Is As Important As Human Rights.

    And as can be seen from  Wikileaks cables 'the largest dismantlement of civil liberties in modern history, and American interests have been behind every part of it", in  Sweden, Australia,  Mexico, Spain, New Zealand, Canada. I can't help trying  to guess what country will be next.

    Our civil rights seem to be taking  a hammering for something  that isn't a problem except that there is one rather vocal group who cliam otherwise and who should really be putting  in  more of an effort to use the technology not fight it .

    But historically they cannot

    As Jack Valanti, President of the Motion Picture Association of America famously said at the  1982 House Hearing on Home Recording: 'I say to you that the VCR is to the American film producer and the American public as the Boston strangler is to the woman alone'.

    Of course the VCR almost single handedly helped Hollywood boom in  the 80s and 90s (NYTimes).

    Do you  remember Home Taping Is Killing Music anti-copyright infringement campaign by the British Phonographic Industry in  the 80's?  It was quite a good time for the music business back then too.

    Or, as the Harvard Business Review put it: "Big Content" Is Strangling American Innovation.

    Sharing is good - losing our rights is bad.

    So what i think is that:

    1. Sharing, aka Piracy! is a net positive - probably, and at least should just be ignored

    2. The regulatory capture, getting laws changed to protect these slow moving industries, should not happen and certain laws should be undone.

    3. That more care needs to be taken with the publics rights and freedoms and not sold out to Hollywood.

    4. That better services shold be made available for instance: instead of offering 3 ways to view a TV programme: either waiting for a weekly episode that could be missed, buying a box set that will be watched once, or hiring it for a week which does not give you enough time. A better option would be to allow it to be bought individally from a fast server for say 30p/50c an episode. If an episode costs 10million to make (though the excellent movie Cloverfield only cost 30m - i wonder if thats with with Hollywood Accounting  or maybe it hasn't made a profit yet like Return of the Jedi hasn't either (being the 15th highest grossing film of al ltime ) . Then 20m US viewers would cover the cost, 100m World viewers would make you an extra 50m and then you can sell it to cable, tv, dvds, mugs, tshirts calendars. You could make a lot of money.

    Apologies for this rant - had to get it off my chest, and my thanks to the many many sites that are keeping  this in  the public eye. Most of this i read there first.

    Monday, 12 September 2011

    Coconut Curry Veggie Bake

    It needs a better name. I should ask Herbie. He announced last week that he wanted to become a celebrity chef. Which is probably better hours than a normal chef so i think he is on to a good thing.

    Anyway, this is what we invented: The Coconut Curry Veggie Bake.

    It takes about an hour to be ready to eat though it may be quicker without the eager assistance with blunt knives, not sure. It feeds 2 people as a main dish or 4 as a side dish.

    Here goes, our first recipe.

    1. Big frying pan and put oil salt and pepper.
    2. Chuck in some generally smallish diced
    - small onion or leek,
    - a couple of cloves of garlic,
    - a chilli,
    - a thumb size bit of ginger.
    3. Add some spices
    - 1/4 tsp cinnamon
    - 1/4 tsp of cloves
    - 1 tsp turmeric
    - 1 tsp of coriander
    4. Chuck in whatever vegetables you have:
    - mushrooms (3 or 4), a carrot, courgette, cabbage leaves, cauliflower, broccoli, some squash, just a handful of each, until your pan is full.
    5. Stir and leave to do this:
    6. Turn on oven, 180 (electric?)
    7. Pour some Chickpea flour into a bowl and get pinching some soya spread (1 tsp?) plus salt and pepper in to make crumble crumbs - 5 mins of pinching.
    8. Get a baking dish out and grease it a bit. Pour in veggies.
    9. Open a tin of coconut milk and add to dish.
    10. put your crumble on top - hopefully you have made enough to cover the whole thing with a thin layer.
    11. Shove in the oven and leave for 20-30 mins.

    Its quite nice. In fact its very nice.

    You may notice that its all chickpea flour and soya spread - well thats Cazzer Vordemans fault we're still off the white stuff (not the children) and now i rather prefer it.

    Solo Ceiling Papering

    Is it possible to paper a ceiling by yourself?

    Well the anwer is - who cares? But the other answer is Yes, but only if you  are capable of whole quantam leap forward in  imaginative swearing. If my ceiling  had ears...

    My widest bit of ceiling  was just over 4 metres. So what, some might say. But i am only 5ft 11 and my ceilings are 3m high (sorry to mix my metric with my imperials but thats just the way it is). So  i can't reach the ceiling while moving  the ladder along, and i had to move the ladder 4 times (i don't know how long my arms are - lets just say they are normal).  So unless i went to Hogwarts it all becomes a little tricky.

    Oh and following  the whole hilarious wizard theme i didn't use a broom i used a mop. And no i didn't bounce the ladder along while standing  on it, that would have been silly (yes i did try).

    Thats probably enough about Solo Ceiling Papering. No film sadly.

    Thursday, 8 September 2011

    Breakfast with Mogwai

    I didn't have breakfast with Mogwai. It was all a dream. It wasn't even a dream about Mogwai as such, it was a dream about breakfast as it came during the Carol Vorderman diet month.

    I have always had dreams with guest stars. When i was 8 John Lennon  came down some heavenly stairs (though he was still alive at the time)  dressed in white suit and white hat and hairy (like on  the cover the the Apple single double a side Hey Jude/Revolution, one of my first singles i ever bought, and still prefer the single version of Revolution to the White album version).

    Anyway, Lennon comes down and confiscates our guns and nips back up  the stairs with me an assorted Viet Cong (all somewhat angry with this spoilsport) chasing  after him trying  to get them back. I have never fired a shot in  a dream since. Not for want of trying. Which turns my almost incessant zombie dreams into a nightly knackering up-close blunt-fest.

    To move on. I ate a croissant, and i think that was the aim of the dream. No fry up or porridge, just a croissant. Though all the cutlery was laid out very nicely for all possible breakfast combinations on  a very long table.

    In fact it was laid for 100 of us and we each had ( and i am embarrassed by this - let down by your own dreams - it should have been linux of course*) a Mac in  front of us.  We each had a music mixing  program running with say 8 tracks of the same Mogwai tune which we were mixing  live over breakfast. Each of the 100 was producing  their own mix BUT we could at any point bring in  someone else's mix into our own.  It was good fun.

    I don't remember which tune it was. I have a couple of their albums and i think i saw them once (or did we support them at Nice n Sleazy?) so i am curious as to why i would pick Mogwai. But, nice dream.

    * I mean its my dream i should be able to pick the operating  system! But no. Do i think Mogwai are subservient to US corporations, or it was their breakfast not mine and they ge to choose? Do i secretly wish i had a Mac - jesus i hope not. Is it because Audacity, Ardour, LMMS or Traverso wouldn't be able to do it. I don't think so, actually as this set up  was a bit bespoke i suspect it could only be done by Linux.

    Tuesday, 6 September 2011

    I want to Drive Hair Cycling!

    Who would have known? Well, i guess anybody who has witnessed my pathetic attempts to rub cat killer into my head.

    Still i am very excited by this news, as first read on  Slashdot about this possible scientific breakthrough: Adipocyte Lineage Cells Contribute to the Skin Stem Cell Niche to Drive Hair Cycling.

    Sadly i have no idea what that says, but according  to slashdot the gist is:

    "According to an article published in the journal Cell, molecular signals from fat cell (adipocyte) precursors under the skin are necessary to spur hair growth in mice. Yale researchers report in the paper that these cells produce molecules called PDGF (platelet derived growth factors), which are necessary to produce hair growth. The discovery of the source of signals that trigger hair growth may lead to new treatments for baldness. The trick is in getting adipocyte precursors under the skin to talk to stem cells at the base of the hair follicles."

    Which, i think, is a big up  for stem cells.

    Not sure what to sell here, seems you  can't be live mice on  amazon so here's a nice wig instead.

    Friday, 2 September 2011

    Just Say No to Woodchip

    Its not big, its not clever and its not cool.

    I have seen the results of taking  the easy way out, making  life easier, just this once. I've had to scrape away with my bare hands, with my own blood and sweat and tears and a lot of steam, the results of these seemingly innocuous decisions.

    Is it worth it? Can't you  take a bit of rough with the smooth? Life isn't all plain  sailing and the effect it has on  others: think of the children that will get hurt by your actions (ok, secondary liability, as i steam the bloody stuff off and a drop of hot water lands on  a child) but still, think of the children.

    And its hideous. It screams: 'I am ashamed of my wall/ceiling but can't be arsed to do anything  about it.' or ' Everything  must be perfectly flat, even in  old buildings, or if they can't be i shall get my revenge and make everything  totally lumpy'.

    Woodchip appliers of the world - stop it! Please. Now. And get steaming, its better for you.

    This post was written without once using  the word crack or even craic.

    Saturday, 27 August 2011

    28 days later: Zombie or Vegan, or both? Carol Vorderman's Detox for Life: The 28 Day Detox Diet and Beyond

    I just lost three quarters of a stone in 4 weeks. I was 13 and a quarter stone and now I am 12 and a half. Though I have to say our weighing machine is rubbish and can vary a quarter of a stone depending on where you put it and how you stand on it! Leaning back while still being able to see the dial is worth a couple of pounds.

    It was a Sunday and Nikki said she was starting Carol Vorderman's Detox for Life: The 28 Day Detox Diet and Beyond the next day – did I want to do it too? I said OK.

    I am not sure if I have ever been on an official diet before, so this is probably a first. And, it was pretty easy.

    What I gave up
    I think this diet is pretty hard-core vegan, vegan++, or perhaps vegan+gm-free. Enough name calling. What I didn't eat was:

    • meat and fish
    • dairy – cow or any other
    • high gluten  foods, aka the white stuff – wheat, sugar, potatoes, white rice
    • booze
    • caffeine – tea, coffee

    As my favourite meal would be (french) bread, wine and cheese and probably grapes, I would have thought this diet would be pretty difficult. Caffeine-wise I don't drink tea very often and I grind one cup of coffee a day. But we quite often end up in cafes, especially the Butterfly cafe at St Giles (cheap but great and roomy – a place children can run riot indoors when it rains ((and in scotland that's most of the time)) otherwise its the Pavilion in the Meadows – cheapish, very organic and outdoors so children can run riot – there's a theme there isn't there).

    What I ate
    Chickpeas. Actually it was much better then that, though maybe not really. Here goes:

    Breakfast: porridge with raisons and flax seeds, soya milk instead of milk – not much change there. Almond milk though is even better, expensive but lovely (very mild almond flavour)
    Lunch: on the whole, salads plus ryvita and Nairns (rough) oat biscuits (so many, especially the expensive thick handmade oat cakes/biscuits are disgusting – it seems because they have wheat in them, which I find inexplicable), various types of hummus (laterly home made) falafels (shop bought). Sometimes a vegetable and bean fry up.
    Supper: sometimes a return to lunch and at others a proper cooked vegan meal. It turns out that a lot of mediteranean, indian, morroccan, mexican stuff fit the bill. 
    Nibbles: bombay mix (its all chickpeas and nuts), maize/corn tortillas (you may think Dorittos wouldn't be able to achieve this but actually they have plain tortillas that are just corn, oil and salt. The only problem being that they are not as nice as other plain tortillas we discovered in an organic food shop.) nuts, dried fruits and fruit.

    I ate a flapjack that I thought was ok but turned out to have a lot of sugar in it. I also went to my sisters 50th birthday party - I drank, I ate a lot of lovely food – crisps, potatoes, meat, fish, cake, and the following morning coffee bread and salami and cheese. I weighed myself the monday after that weekend an I had still lost weight the same as the first week ( a quarter of a stone).

    There were times, making tuna mayonnaise for the children, throwing out an uneaten sausage, seeing if the pasta was cooked – that off-menu food almost made it to my lips, but mainly by accident, though the tuna was very tempting. On the whole it was pretty easy – going to cafes was a bit dull – so we went a lot less.

    Side effects?
    The first side effect was very bad aching calf muscles. I never really worked out why this was. I ate a couple of bananas in case it was potassium, but it had no effect. It got really painful at night, but not actual cramps. I suspect it was milk – lactic acid build up?? Not even Google could help me here. Luckily it went away after four days.

    The worst side-effect, that seems to get played down on vegetarian and vegan forums is wind. Terrible constant solid walls of noxious farts. Loud and dangerous. Shopping was nightmare of carefully chosen emergency dumping grounds in empty aisles followed by gentle yet swift ( as the fumes seem to stick to you of you move away too fast – suctions and void theory?) escape before some luckless assistant walks into the cloud.

    The only way of dealing with this was to always be near, or carrying at least one child, as naturally they are the default blamee. One day I will apologise to my children for this.

    I think we spent much less money. Less on meat (the children ate normally throughout this), less dairy, far fewer visits to cafes (and therefore less spent on coffee and cakey-breads), and no alcohol.

    Yearnings – Dreams
    I did have a dream, my Breakfast with Mogwai dream, where I ate a croissant. But I didn't have any major yearnings. On the fourth saturday I really felt like having a drink. But the main one was looking forward to having a coffee again.

    Maybe my sister's party made it all too easy – only two fortnight sections to get through.


    • Almond milk – i'll let you know how the coffee goes later, 
    • PureSoya spread – much nicer than any margerine – sort of cool cold and tasteless, and you can fry with it. 
    • Chickpea in general actually. I mean frying up some veg and pouring in a tin of checkpeas and adding a few herb and spices, it was lovely and less than 5 minutes to make 
    • bombay mix, 
    • hummus - i can make great Moroccan Hummus now!
    • falafels (cant make them yet - some packet mixes are better than others)
    • gram flower for onion bhajis and I suspect popadoms (yet to explore this theory but I think I can see how that works)
    Exercise - did I take any?
    Well, I do. This will come as a surprise to almost everyone I know. But maybe less so when I say that its not much. It is, to be exact: 100 sit ups, 25 press ups and a 1 mile run, 3 times a week. This seems to last about 9 or 10 months a year – christmas and summer holidays being a bit problematic. This has gone on for nearly 3 years (though it began as twice a week and 25 sit ups with a ¾ mile run). I don't think it had any effect on my weight loss as it hadn't for the previous 2 years (!?@*&^!5!$ to quote Captain Haddock).

    Will i continue it?
    After my sister's birthday I began to suspect that you can eat the 'good stuff' without putting on wieght, or even feeling bad, as long as you dont have it every day, or maybe not even every week.

    So yes, I will. I'll probably eat meat and fish on occasion, but less than once a week. I certainly will drink. But I wont eat bread or butter or cheese or milk, or dairy at all really. And just see how it goes.

    This all happened over a month ago now. More to follow. I have now lost a stone.

    This was not a diet about eating less. I ate loads and felt very full.
    What kind of veganism is this – faux-vegan? Vegan + (as there is no wheat or potatoes or white rice) or Vegan +- as there is meat?? Or maybe just eating like a european? What do you think?

    Monday, 22 August 2011

    Museum of Scotland Reopens £47m later

    Well we finally got round to going  to the refurbished Museum of Scotland in Chambers Street, Edinburgh. I was looking  forward to it. I like the big steps up  the front door that open into the Grand Hall, and unlike any other museum (ok, other than A Night At The Museum) it actually has something  alive in it - the fish ponds - and they aren't deep so you  can actually see the ugly fish. Apart from, obviously, the fish that was too ugly and got a face lift paid for by the coins in  the pond. And the crazy clock.

    So, what do you  get for £47m?

    Well the lovely steps are a waste of time as they have locked the doors (presumably opening for corporate functions only, us proles go in  the lower entrance).

    So you  don't go into the Grand Hall. You  go into an area with a cafe thats for meals only. Which is great for mobility and access and people who are hungry, but they could have left the front doors open as well couldn't they?

    And then it seems the ponds have gone too! I like this quote from The Scotsman: 'The ponds ... get in the way of corporate functions."  "We know people will miss the fish ponds, but for children who like animals, there will be a lot of exhibitions of stuffed animals..."

    And the clocks moved.

    It  seems that all the exciting opening  shots have all been removed to make way for corporate events and cafes. Which i understand - they have to make a buck one way or another. I guess. Thats the way everyone thinks now anyway. And, to be fair there are big numbers like 16 new galleries, millions of new items. Lots of stuff floating  in  the air and up  walls. And the broken stuff has all gone. And in  a few years time no one will notice the missing  ponds (they only appeared it seemed in  the '70's anyway - and i bet to outrage). So i am probably talking  rubbish, having  a moan for the sake of it really.

    Weren't allowed in  the cafe though - maybe i should have looked more corporate.

    Note to self: its Edinburgh, i should really provide a picture or two.

    Friday, 12 August 2011

    Trying Regaine / Rogaine Foamwith Minoxidil - an attempt to regrow my hair

    This what the top of my head looks like. It does seem to be getting worse slowly. And you are right, it is very shiny.


    Here is a silly photo of me and another of me with my brother's hair. Its true he brushes his hair, and maybe thats where i went wrong, but it doesn't improve things much for me does it? Still i can have dreams can't i? This could be me. With Rogaine!

    With this in mind i went and bought some Regaine, online. Though actually its now called Rogaine. Name changes always annoy me but thats another story. In fact i bought Rogaine/Regaine for Men Extra Strength Scalp Foam 5% w/w Cutaneous Foam - 3 months supply. The three small tubes of foam that i have to rub into my head twice a day.

    Regaine used to be a liquid  but, so the PR goes, that only worked for 3 in 10 people. This foam stuff is said to work for 9 out of 10. In which case why are any stars of film and TV bald? But they are bald stars so i suspect this will not work. Oh and being the super-effetive foam it costs more: this lot cost me £46 from Home Naturals Inc. On the Regaine site ( its recommended price is £70.

    The Rogaine site says:
    9 out of 10 men say the kept or regrew their hair with New Regaine Extra Strength Foam

    So i guess that means that in  the study most people are unable to notice any hairloss over a 3 or 4 month period and but that a small (otherwise they would have said!) number did notice that their hair regrew a bit. Thats enough of a chance for me!

    It also says:

    Minoxidil is the only over the counter medicinal treatment clinically proven to regrow hair

    According  to Wikipedia Minoxidil is:

    Minoxidil (trade names Rogaine, Regaine, Avacor, Loniten (orally), and Mintop among others ) is an antihypertensive vasodilator medication which also slows or stops hair loss and promotes hair regrowth. Now off-patent, it is available over the counter for treatment of androgenic alopecia, among other baldness treatments. However, measurable changes, if experienced, disappear within months after discontinuation of treatment...

    Minoxidil was first used exclusively as an oral drug (trade name Loniten) to treat high blood pressure. However, it was discovered to have an interesting side-effect:Minoxidil may cause increased growth or darkening of fine body hairs, or in some cases, significant hair growth. When the medication is discontinued, the hair loss will return to normal rate within 30 to 60 days. ...

    In addition, its effectiveness has largely been demonstrated in younger men (18 to 41 years of age). Minoxidil use is indicated for central (vertex), or top of head, balding only.
     So, as a 47 year old with a huge area of baldness things are not looking  good.

    I particularly like, in Side Effects:

    Ironically, hair loss is a common side effect of minoxidil treatment. Manufacturers note that minoxidil-induced hair loss is a common side effect and describe the process as 'shedding'. Although this phenomenon demonstrates that minoxidil is indeed affecting hair follicles, manufacturers offer no guarantee that the new hair loss will be replaced with hair growth.

    The speculated reason for this "shedding" is the encouragement of hairs already in the telogen phase to shed early, before often beginning a fresh, healthier anagen phase...

    Minoxidil is highly toxic to cats and rats and may cause death.
    Though i have many curious genes, and i have been accused on  occasion of being  a rat, though sadly never a cat, i pretend to be not too bothered by that last side effect. But i am a bit depressed by the possible 'shedding'.

    So, here is a film of me applying Regaine to my head.

    I will, in a month maybe, revisit my head and see how its been going and whether there is any visible difference yet.

    Thursday, 11 August 2011

    Did APPLE just claim it invented rounded corners and remove Samsung Galaxy from EU?

    As you  may have read on  the BBC site Apple have got an injunction banning  sales of the Galaxy Tab in  the EU, though not yet in  the Netherlands. They have already managed this in  Australia.
    They have managed this in  the EU with a Design Patent:
    Community Design 000181607-0001
    As you can see on page three, it looks like they invented The Rounded Corner. Which is lucky as my desk my chair, my mug, my dvd box, my book, none of these have rounded corners.
    Star Trek fans may remember this (from slipperybrick):

    Though i have to say i like this most of all: Steve Jobs saying in  1996  'we have always been shameless at stealing  good ideas':

    Its good to know we have Apple fighting  for whats right: intellectual monopolies.

    UPDATE: The ban has been temporarily lifted (via BBC) apart from in  Germany.

    I like this quote: "'Apple is also facing accusations that the document that helped it gain the original injunction on sales of the Galaxy Tab in Europe appears to misrepresent the device's similarity to the iPad. A side-by-side comparison of the two tablets features a "squashed" picture of the Galaxy Tab, making it look identical in size and shape. "

    So they maybe faked the images to make it look more similar?

    Wednesday, 10 August 2011

    Panic on the streets of Birmingham...

    I do find it curious that when the underclasses, unemployed, young and uneducated revolt around the world its all 'Springtime' and 'how dare the Leaders cut off their communication (mobile networks etc..)' but when it happens here we use the same words to describe these bands of 'mindless criminals, robbers and looters' as these 'evil governments' and start discussing how to cut the Blackberry network.

    Will Gaddafi recognise the new Brixton government? An independent Pimlico?

    I suspect its all to do with the same problem: crap governments ruled by lobbyists and big money, who are just not interested helping the lesser folk (unless its to make them riot which is useful to push through even more extreme laws removing freedoms).

    But then i am a deeply paranoid person.

    Maybe, and this thought came about while trying  to find the Smiths, we should all do what Amazon  want and toolup: look a Smith and Wesson!

    It seems only Norway knows how to react to these calamities. We have brought these things on  ourselves through greed (bankers lose the money, into their back pockets presumably), Governments make cut backs that affect the poor the most: the poor riot.