Monday, 22 August 2011

Museum of Scotland Reopens £47m later

Well we finally got round to going  to the refurbished Museum of Scotland in Chambers Street, Edinburgh. I was looking  forward to it. I like the big steps up  the front door that open into the Grand Hall, and unlike any other museum (ok, other than A Night At The Museum) it actually has something  alive in it - the fish ponds - and they aren't deep so you  can actually see the ugly fish. Apart from, obviously, the fish that was too ugly and got a face lift paid for by the coins in  the pond. And the crazy clock.

So, what do you  get for £47m?

Well the lovely steps are a waste of time as they have locked the doors (presumably opening for corporate functions only, us proles go in  the lower entrance).

So you  don't go into the Grand Hall. You  go into an area with a cafe thats for meals only. Which is great for mobility and access and people who are hungry, but they could have left the front doors open as well couldn't they?

And then it seems the ponds have gone too! I like this quote from The Scotsman: 'The ponds ... get in the way of corporate functions."  "We know people will miss the fish ponds, but for children who like animals, there will be a lot of exhibitions of stuffed animals..."

And the clocks moved.

It  seems that all the exciting opening  shots have all been removed to make way for corporate events and cafes. Which i understand - they have to make a buck one way or another. I guess. Thats the way everyone thinks now anyway. And, to be fair there are big numbers like 16 new galleries, millions of new items. Lots of stuff floating  in  the air and up  walls. And the broken stuff has all gone. And in  a few years time no one will notice the missing  ponds (they only appeared it seemed in  the '70's anyway - and i bet to outrage). So i am probably talking  rubbish, having  a moan for the sake of it really.

Weren't allowed in  the cafe though - maybe i should have looked more corporate.

Note to self: its Edinburgh, i should really provide a picture or two.

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