Saturday, 8 October 2011

Friday Diary - including spotified 111008

Lets begin with something  fishy - a John Dorey. Cheaper than i thought but firm and hick and very nice. Panfried with chilli (too much) , garlic and onions and spinach on top. Very nice. After discovering  Turbet last month things are really looking  up  on  the fish front. Does that make us Piscatorian Immoral Vegans?

Broken Social Scene - listened to the to hits, the latest album and parts of their first album. All pretty good, will have to investigate further.
Wild Beasts  - very curious, he has a voice like all '80s singers in  one: David Sylvian, and Heaven 17, Marc Almond, Spandau Ballet, Limahl, the whole lot, and yet its pretty good, modern sound with these vocals.

But then Spotified ran out. Our 10 hours for October gone. So fast! So we dug out some albums (ripped to harddrive) and got stuck into  - can't remember, was it Bonobo?

In  the mean time we decided on  what albums to buy:
  1. Washed Out
  2. Twin Sister
  3. Beach House - Beach House
  4. SeeFeel
Plus amazon single downloads (DRM free you see) of:
  1. Can - Vitamin C 
  2. Mogwai - Get to France
  3. TV on  the Radio - Wolf like me
Which is very encouraging. Though what to do about spotify? Maybe i will by it for a month? Or maybe try somewhere else - Jamendo?

So, on  hearing  that the best shops were still:
  1. Ebay
  2. Asos
  3. Berties
And now Rokit - for vintage stuff.

The worst shop is TopShop it seems. Doesn't work in  Opera, i crime i heartily agree with.

But an interesting point made is that paying  by Paypal is always better than paying  by credit/debit card. Almost one click and no extra Bank Password messing  about. I don't want to start saying  that this is the end of Banks as thats what i have thought about most big business since 2000, but its a very interesting continuation of the process.

Other things
Well i  am hoping  that a new design  is on  the way for InkBoutique. Nice drawings were witnessed.
An old bedside table has now produced its third bit of furniture - an above-door shelf for the kitchen.

Some painful typos dealt with, plus. While Amazon  was not so great, i bought the albums but the singles downloads now involved installing  a program (though its great that they had 4 different linux distribution installers) why? Why can we not just download the tracks - you  send us the cds, its no different. But installing software ('It is required for album purchases, and makes downloading songs fast and easy') and there was no other option - for singles, or just to say 'no thanks i want my singles delivered slow and difficult thanks very much' seems not to be an option. What happens if you  close your amazon  account, or when amazon  get bought out in  5 years, or if i want to move the songs to my mp3 player? my car? So, no. Not buying  singles from amazon. Petty perhaps but...


  1. no no no no no
    topshop is a fabulous site!

  2. well, the word on the (this) street is - no, its rubbish on Windows/opera. Can't say i've tried on Linux/Opera. But if it doesn't work it doesn't work and therefore rubbish is an accepted verdict. i guess. Anyway, they are the big boys and it follows that they deserve a kicking.