Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Panic on the streets of Birmingham...

I do find it curious that when the underclasses, unemployed, young and uneducated revolt around the world its all 'Springtime' and 'how dare the Leaders cut off their communication (mobile networks etc..)' but when it happens here we use the same words to describe these bands of 'mindless criminals, robbers and looters' as these 'evil governments' and start discussing how to cut the Blackberry network.

Will Gaddafi recognise the new Brixton government? An independent Pimlico?

I suspect its all to do with the same problem: crap governments ruled by lobbyists and big money, who are just not interested helping the lesser folk (unless its to make them riot which is useful to push through even more extreme laws removing freedoms).

But then i am a deeply paranoid person.

Maybe, and this thought came about while trying  to find the Smiths, we should all do what Amazon  want and toolup: look a Smith and Wesson!

It seems only Norway knows how to react to these calamities. We have brought these things on  ourselves through greed (bankers lose the money, into their back pockets presumably), Governments make cut backs that affect the poor the most: the poor riot.

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