Thursday, 24 November 2011

All been quiet on the Spotify Front - Damn You Logitech!

Our evenings of listening  to new music on Spotify have been problematic of late. And it turns out we are not alone.
A quick search brought up  our problem: PureFi Anywhere 2 Speakers Cutting Out/Turning Off.

It seems, that though the speakers get excellent audio reviews, as soon as you  plug an external source of music into the speakers they can start cutting  off.

The problem seems to be that the sleep mode that protects the batteries from being used up (its portable too - for those camping moments??) still gets applied even when its plugged into the mains, and somehow after two and a half minutes it will just start turning itself off.

This does not happen with an iPod plugged in , just when a computer or other source of music is plugged in.

Lovely speakers - hopeless to use for spotify or playing  music from your server/computer.

Luckily we have a lovely new hifi on its way after christmas from DabHandRadio. Well i hope its lovely. It will look lovely, its a PHILIPS 141U BAKELITE WIRELESS RADIO, sorry about the caps. Its one of these:

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