Friday, 2 September 2011

Just Say No to Woodchip

Its not big, its not clever and its not cool.

I have seen the results of taking  the easy way out, making  life easier, just this once. I've had to scrape away with my bare hands, with my own blood and sweat and tears and a lot of steam, the results of these seemingly innocuous decisions.

Is it worth it? Can't you  take a bit of rough with the smooth? Life isn't all plain  sailing and the effect it has on  others: think of the children that will get hurt by your actions (ok, secondary liability, as i steam the bloody stuff off and a drop of hot water lands on  a child) but still, think of the children.

And its hideous. It screams: 'I am ashamed of my wall/ceiling but can't be arsed to do anything  about it.' or ' Everything  must be perfectly flat, even in  old buildings, or if they can't be i shall get my revenge and make everything  totally lumpy'.

Woodchip appliers of the world - stop it! Please. Now. And get steaming, its better for you.

This post was written without once using  the word crack or even craic.

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