Tuesday, 20 September 2011

What thats coming over the hill - is it a hairline!

The title is maybe a bit ambitious. But its roughly six weeks since i began rubbing  cat killer on  my head so it's time for an update.

And the update is: well maybe.

I think the big point here is to set some rules before you  start. My early photos are no help.So,

  1. If you  have a bald area - is it smooth or are there fine hairs?
  2. Get a haircut! It will make it easier to note whats where before you  begin.
  3. In  areas of slight hair - just how slight is it?
Because that is my problem at the moment:

  1. My Bald patch is fuzzy?? is it new hair
  2. I had a haircut (my first in   babers  for 30 years i reckon) and now i can see a slight hairline appearing  beyond my bald area - was it always there?
  3.  Betwen my non-existent widows peak and the bald area are patches that grow in  from my Caesar sides - are the growing  thicker and is that new growth of dark hair?
So you  see my problem. And my photography does not help.
So, this is the new shot of my head. Does it look fuzzier to you? Compared to the old shot below.
 Wishful thinking hey?

Well, we'll see - i have another 6-10 weeks to go before i give up. And i am very curious about the bum fluff and the new short hair i can see in  amongst the lone grass.

I have not been perfectly regular. I often forget the evening mousse. It does sting on  cuts (in  my case, a distasteful rash i had before this began. i think caused by hats??).

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