Thursday, 8 September 2011

Breakfast with Mogwai

I didn't have breakfast with Mogwai. It was all a dream. It wasn't even a dream about Mogwai as such, it was a dream about breakfast as it came during the Carol Vorderman diet month.

I have always had dreams with guest stars. When i was 8 John Lennon  came down some heavenly stairs (though he was still alive at the time)  dressed in white suit and white hat and hairy (like on  the cover the the Apple single double a side Hey Jude/Revolution, one of my first singles i ever bought, and still prefer the single version of Revolution to the White album version).

Anyway, Lennon comes down and confiscates our guns and nips back up  the stairs with me an assorted Viet Cong (all somewhat angry with this spoilsport) chasing  after him trying  to get them back. I have never fired a shot in  a dream since. Not for want of trying. Which turns my almost incessant zombie dreams into a nightly knackering up-close blunt-fest.

To move on. I ate a croissant, and i think that was the aim of the dream. No fry up or porridge, just a croissant. Though all the cutlery was laid out very nicely for all possible breakfast combinations on  a very long table.

In fact it was laid for 100 of us and we each had ( and i am embarrassed by this - let down by your own dreams - it should have been linux of course*) a Mac in  front of us.  We each had a music mixing  program running with say 8 tracks of the same Mogwai tune which we were mixing  live over breakfast. Each of the 100 was producing  their own mix BUT we could at any point bring in  someone else's mix into our own.  It was good fun.

I don't remember which tune it was. I have a couple of their albums and i think i saw them once (or did we support them at Nice n Sleazy?) so i am curious as to why i would pick Mogwai. But, nice dream.

* I mean its my dream i should be able to pick the operating  system! But no. Do i think Mogwai are subservient to US corporations, or it was their breakfast not mine and they ge to choose? Do i secretly wish i had a Mac - jesus i hope not. Is it because Audacity, Ardour, LMMS or Traverso wouldn't be able to do it. I don't think so, actually as this set up  was a bit bespoke i suspect it could only be done by Linux.

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