Monday, 12 September 2011

Solo Ceiling Papering

Is it possible to paper a ceiling by yourself?

Well the anwer is - who cares? But the other answer is Yes, but only if you  are capable of whole quantam leap forward in  imaginative swearing. If my ceiling  had ears...

My widest bit of ceiling  was just over 4 metres. So what, some might say. But i am only 5ft 11 and my ceilings are 3m high (sorry to mix my metric with my imperials but thats just the way it is). So  i can't reach the ceiling while moving  the ladder along, and i had to move the ladder 4 times (i don't know how long my arms are - lets just say they are normal).  So unless i went to Hogwarts it all becomes a little tricky.

Oh and following  the whole hilarious wizard theme i didn't use a broom i used a mop. And no i didn't bounce the ladder along while standing  on it, that would have been silly (yes i did try).

Thats probably enough about Solo Ceiling Papering. No film sadly.

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