Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I want to Drive Hair Cycling!

Who would have known? Well, i guess anybody who has witnessed my pathetic attempts to rub cat killer into my head.

Still i am very excited by this news, as first read on  Slashdot about this possible scientific breakthrough: Adipocyte Lineage Cells Contribute to the Skin Stem Cell Niche to Drive Hair Cycling.

Sadly i have no idea what that says, but according  to slashdot the gist is:

"According to an article published in the journal Cell, molecular signals from fat cell (adipocyte) precursors under the skin are necessary to spur hair growth in mice. Yale researchers report in the paper that these cells produce molecules called PDGF (platelet derived growth factors), which are necessary to produce hair growth. The discovery of the source of signals that trigger hair growth may lead to new treatments for baldness. The trick is in getting adipocyte precursors under the skin to talk to stem cells at the base of the hair follicles."

Which, i think, is a big up  for stem cells.

Not sure what to sell here, seems you  can't be live mice on  amazon so here's a nice wig instead.

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  1. You actually have nice thick hair on the sides and back and should be a suitable candidate for an FUE/FUT transplant procedure. I wish I had your hair actually -- seriously!

    All the Best,
    NJ, USA