Friday, 25 November 2011

Do shaver blades get worse when the next number of blades come out?

Last night, as i shave in  the bath, i binned my worn out Gillette Ultra Max Man Trio Blade head or whatever its called, and reached for a new one. But with my new pack of 5 blades, that for some reason now costs £7, came a 6 Blade head.

Which needless to say annoyed me.

And reminded me of a thought i had back in  the late '80s that i should patent 5, 6 ,7 ,8 ,9 10 blade heads before they made them and if any company asked for patent i could then say: 'No, make better 1 or 2 blade shavers'.

Because it was really starting  to annoy me that as they brought out the 3 blade shaver the 2 blade seemed to get worse as had the 1 blade before it.

Now the manufacturer will say that that's because the 3 blade was so much better. But i am not sure that that's true. I suspect they also made the single blades slightly worse.

And now we are on 6 blades and i imagine that the 3 blades will start to be made blunter.

So, each year i look at my grandfather's cut-throat razors and think: will i start using  them?

Its just the name: Cut Throat. Couldn't they have named them 'You  will definitely die using  these?' or something slightly plainer.

Anyway, If i can  work out how to sharpen  them (if they need it) i may give them a go.

I guess this could be my last post. But the walls of the bathroom are red so there's no need to worry about redecorating.

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