Monday, 28 November 2011

Spotified - 25-26-27 Nov

For 20 years i have thought of Prince as a: a numpty, b: an unfunky numpty at that. The rhythms were so strict, so rigid, compared to the lose '70s funk of, well everybody else pretty well.

OK, Friday night was an orgy of Prince, admittedly early Prince and the singles mainly, but oh it was magic. What a funny guy (i've heard he got religion now so that would explain a lot), and how sort of home made it is, and really funky. i think Darling Nikki was the winner.

Why why do the radio always play ruddy Tom Jones's lame-arse version of Kiss and not the original. Its a crime.

So, following  on  from this we wondered whether other people were actually good . So, here goes:
  • Queen: equally marvelous and hilarious, but what a voice. I porbably didn't need to hear 7 Seas of Rye, but the greatest of the greatest hits were great
  • Madonna: meh! just about made it through Borderline.
  • The Monochrome Set: Did one song, can see  that many bands made a career out of copying  them (stand up  Franz Ferdinand)
  • Magazine: maybe later
  • Smiths - never not liked them - apart from the time when i hated them, ie when they existed, came to them late, 1993, but goodness what songs. I won't share you - heaven.
  • Donna Summer: Love to love you Baby. Fantastic
  • Jesus Christ Superstar - listen jesus - ok
  • Aretha Franklin: say a little prayer nice
  • Jean Knight: Mr Big Stuff: still good
  • Jacksons: (Stop) The love you save  - great
  • Michael Jackson: alright, i guess, Billy Jean anyway, gave up  after that
  • Annie - Give a little love - well i love it
By which time the Logitech was having  a hernia and turning  off every 2.5 minutes so we gave up  and listened to Bon Iver's new album again. God they were good live.

Also listened to Raime, Soft Moon ( i think?), Do you  realise by the flaming  Lips (brilliant) and lots more that i can't remember now.

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