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Scotland's New Constitution

Iceland seem to be rewriting  their constitution, crowdsourcing it actually. I find it incredible that so few news sources are talking  about this. I think its great, and i bet they produce a really good constitution.

When Scotland becomes independent, or a European state, i think we should produce a constitution too. I think we should build on  from the Icelandic one (afterall they've done a lot of work on it, it seems pointless to start from scratch).

I do worry that Scotland is full of twats and we would make an arse of it. But i guess you  just have to hope.

Here are some suggestions i would like to make:

  1. No Politicians.
    I was really annoyed when i found out that Billy Bloody Connolly had said this before, but the last people you  want in power should be people who want power.
    To get round this i think there shold be a national service/jury duty system of 2 years of government running.
    Some may say that you  need the best to run  a country - in  the same way that you  need to pay the most to get the best to run  the banks  but actually i think there is a good argument to pay someone a lot less to run   the banks afterall they couldn't do it any worse?
    Anyway, i like the idea of some granny laying  it on the line to Putin.
    And i include Councils in  this. Edinburgh does seem to be run by a bunch of crooks, as does Inverness, and i suppose its the same everywhere.
    I do find amatuer to be always (ok you  could have a point with doctors) preferrable to professionals. Professional seems to be mean an ability to lie and avoid. 
  2. Open Government
    Everything  that gets said or done should be visible, a permanent wikileaks, cameras in  the office!
  3. Keep religion out of Politics
     There are a lot of Gods, and perhaps there is a nice one somewhere but the Old Testament god (or 3-in-1 god) is far too unpleasant to be allowed anywhere near any opinion making. To badly quote Ghandi: christians aren't very christian are they?
    This one went on  a lot longer but i keep cutting  it back. Bunch of .........
  4. Gay Marriage - yes
  5. Liberalise drugs - yes
  6. No Trident - yes
    I mean if you  have a war do you  have to wait 3 weeks for the sub  to get there? You'd be quicker (and a bit cheaper) sending  it Royal Mail First Class - and less visible from space.
  7. Armed forces
    Nothing  against armed forces. Probably  need one, best to have it well equipped. But sharing  is nice. I was speaking  to a guy who worked for the Duchy of Luxembourg. He was telling  me that Luxembourg had an airforce - one plane or rather half a plane, shared with Belgium, an AWAC, i think it was flying  around Libya at the time.
  8. Evidence Based Laws
    And if you  make a new law - give it a Dead man's switch so it automatically dies after 5 years, unless evidence says it has worked and should be renewed, and not had some terrible unforeseen consequence.
  9. Patents
     No software patents, biological patents or medical patents. Patents have to be more thoroughly checked, and if they are not used within  5 years (?) die.
  10. Copyright
    We, the people are the holders of copyright, and we grant copyright for a short period of time before it reverts back to the public domain. If copyright is needed at all (and architecture, food and fashion make a good argument that it is not needed), it should be for  - i don't know, Queen Anne set it to 14 years. That seems too long.
    Maybe it should be a Creative Commons Licence
  11. No Unemployment Benefit, or Unemployment benefit department, no state pension
     This is nicer than it sounds. Actually i first heard it from a Director of Barlays back in  the early '90s. The idea is this: everyone gets say £120 a week, kids get less, pensioners more. If you  are earning then it gets taxed back off you. Its sort of simple. Too simple? i don't know how the maths would work, but the UK has not  produced much great music over the last 2 decades. I think thats directly attributable to the increased difficulty of getting  unemployment benefit. And now we have Brit School. OK, so i  am biased, not everything  should be based on  whether music is good or not. But All good music seems to have come from Canada of late - whats their system like?
  12. 3 day week? 4 day week?
     I think we should all work less, earn less, spend less and do more (yes i wrote a song about that, actually an album). Have more time to be friends, to be family, to think and do and help. The week would still be 7 days, and work would continue on  all these days ( though i would hope less at  weekends) - just there would be many more jobs for all. Its a sort of job share for all i suppose. If you  are self employed then its up  to you  how long you  work. I also think this would bring down house prices, in fact prices for everything.
  13. Heres a controversial one - i  am pro hunt!
    Actually i hate hunting. I went on  one once, god awful, 10 folk stood around far to early, in  the rain,  speaking  in  funny accents (yorkshire), very boring. But of the thousands of hunts only 10 are actually posh - red coats and horses that you  see on  the BBC, the rest are like this. The thing  is i like using animals to hunt other animals. As an almost vegetarian i get very excited watching  ladybirds hunt and kill greenfly on  my veg. I hate cats but they do keep mice away, i love dogs and they are great at ratting. Japanese catching  fish  with comarants (Ukai Fishing) is just plain  cool. So yes i  am pro hunt.
    There have been billions of years of animals eating  each other alive: if you  are old, cold, young, hungry or wounded, or just plain slow, then you  got eaten alive. The fact is that now we have no big predators doing  the darwinian thing, we have to do it. And the cheapest most natural  ( and i mean darwinian survival of the healthiest on  average) way is to allow those who want to do it do it. I don't mean cock fighting, or bear bating etc.. just allow hunting. A dog kills a rat, a dog kills a hare, a dog kills a fox.
    When i have this argument with friends (who are all anti-hunting it seems) it always comes down to one thing: they dont really care about the animal, they just hate posh folk hunting. But the thing  is, its not posh folk who do the most hunting, its incomprehensible yorkshiremen/women.
  14. Free Speech, Anonymity and Dumb Pipe Internet (net neutrality)
    Everybody has something  to hide. If i look up  a disease on  the internet, lets say twice, i do not want it logged on a database and sold onto an insurance company so that i and ALL my descendents forever get charged more for insurance because they think we have that disease. So yes we all have stuff to hide, so do not start saying 'if you've done nothing  wrong you  have nothing  to hide'. 
  15. Racism and Economic Migration
    Scottish racism is based on  accent. If you  have a scottish accent then you  are scottish if you  dont you  aren't. My son is scottish, I am not. Oh, and i am an economic migrant. My 900 year ago father came to scotland looking  for work - any raping, pillaging would do - and stuck around, got on  with the locals (those left after aforementioned job opportunities). There are very few countries where the actual indigenous folk exist - and scotland is not one of them. We should welcome anyone from anywhere and be grateful they bother with this dark soggy land.
  16. Scottish law - should speak English
    I have been passing  legal documents (taking  a peculiarly inept Edinburgh Solicitors to court for failing  to check the Deeds) to my stepfather - a retired barrister, and he is shocked by how incomprehensible this stuff is. I can only suppose its so conversations between lawyers can take a nice long time so they can charge more.
There's more, i expect i'll come back to this a lot - and get rid of stuff i disagree with later. But what do you  think? What would you  add to your Scottish Constitution.

UPDATE 24 JAN 2012
sorry  - first rule of the internet - someones already done it.
so, here are 2:

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