Thursday, 11 August 2011

Did APPLE just claim it invented rounded corners and remove Samsung Galaxy from EU?

As you  may have read on  the BBC site Apple have got an injunction banning  sales of the Galaxy Tab in  the EU, though not yet in  the Netherlands. They have already managed this in  Australia.
They have managed this in  the EU with a Design Patent:
Community Design 000181607-0001
As you can see on page three, it looks like they invented The Rounded Corner. Which is lucky as my desk my chair, my mug, my dvd box, my book, none of these have rounded corners.
Star Trek fans may remember this (from slipperybrick):

Though i have to say i like this most of all: Steve Jobs saying in  1996  'we have always been shameless at stealing  good ideas':

Its good to know we have Apple fighting  for whats right: intellectual monopolies.

UPDATE: The ban has been temporarily lifted (via BBC) apart from in  Germany.

I like this quote: "'Apple is also facing accusations that the document that helped it gain the original injunction on sales of the Galaxy Tab in Europe appears to misrepresent the device's similarity to the iPad. A side-by-side comparison of the two tablets features a "squashed" picture of the Galaxy Tab, making it look identical in size and shape. "

So they maybe faked the images to make it look more similar?

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