Thursday, 2 February 2012

Lovely Radio - Bad dream

Radio arrived! and it looks lovely and works!
and i keep trying to upload the images and failing. not sure what googles problems is there - they uploaded to facebook ok.

But this leads on  to another problem. Radio 6 is great! This was the whole point of having  DAB - to listen to R6. I just wasn't expecting  it to be quite so good.

But, do i still need spotify?

Well. Yesterday i was inspired to listen to an album of '80s 12 inches on  spotify, becasue of listening  to the Sugarhill gang on  R6. And as i speak i am listening  to The Jesus and Mary Chain: Psycho Candy, and loving  it. Its strange, i loved April Skies (from the 2nd album Darklands) at the time, and bought it. But never bothered to listen to the albums. Why? Well becasue of Duran Duran and The Cure.

You  see i bought the trully abominable Duran album Arena. A terrible live album - and i saw them live that year too at Wembley Arena. One of the worst gigs i have ever been to. And then i bought The Cure's Head on  the Door - which had 4 great songs and 6 terrible ones (or so i thought) which upset me a lot. So i told myself that i would not buy any more current albums.

Which (apart from 3  Shriekback albums ) i stuck to until 1989 when i bought The Beloved's Happiness, The Stone Roses and Welcome to the Beautiful South.

In  the mean time i got listening  to all sorts of 70s funk and disco.

And missed many great bands of the mid-eighties. If there were any, then i missed them.

Oh, and the dream: standing  on  a steeply rolling, lightly wooded  hill (somerset? the borders?) and the ground is covered with dead animals and birds. Though there are some sheep and lambs still alive, and there are a lot flies which keep going  in  my mouth. No zombies though which is a plus.

But, Misfits raised an  interesting  point a few weeks ago: zombies like live flesh, they eat an animal, the animal escapes, do you  then have zombie animals. Its bad enough having  zombie humans chasing  you, but what  if its cats too? and mice? and flies??? and fleas. Anyway, stop there.

UPDATE: 27/02/2012. Schmallenberg virus gets into news in  UK. Lambs dying  as midges spread virus in  south of England.

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