Tuesday, 24 January 2012

2120122 - spotified

Well, on  advice, and frankly it was becoming  obvious that Warp records supply an awful lot of good bands we spotified Warp and played whatever came up.

And by golly i think everyone needs to listen to:
  • PVT - window
  • Grizzly Bear - he hit me
it is slightly worrying  that somehow we missed the 2008 grizzly bear album Friend, considering  that we know half the songs already, but somehow we did - and it is very good.

But to continue on  with a playlist of goodness, some oldies:

  • Can - vitamin c
  • The Breeders - cannonball
  • Death i  Vegas - dirge
i know, a  bit of a 90s wallow there, but it has to be done sometimes.

I thik the art of a good playlist is not the amusing  juxtaposition Ramones/Sinatra, which just gets annoying, but a more relaxed and interesting 3-in-a-row idea, where you play, unbelieveably 3 or so in  a row from someone and then slide into something that follows neatly in, gradually taking  the listener to new lands and back.

I dont know what the order would be of the following: Lord Creator, Washed out, grizzly bear, st vincent, XX, Bon Iver, Beach House, Girls, Awkward I, PVT, Metronomy, metric, seefeel, tv on  the radio, broken social scene, twin sister, wild beasts, andrew bird, animal collective, bonobo, bowerbirds, cat power , devandra banhart, james blake, janis joplin (really, and i seem to have gone alphabetical now, so this must be older stuff), mogwai and violent femmes. at a guess. for a start. perhaps. keeping  the oldies to a minimum.

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