Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Spotified 120213 + 120206 - aargh lurgy

the problem with Nursery is that those first few terms just keeps piling  on  more and more illnesses. She brings them back and we all get them. We had this 3 years ago when our son first started. Its not exactly worse but we seem to get a week or so before the next when starts to mutate through the family.

Anyway, thats probably why i haven't written for a couple of weeks, that and laziness obviously.

Dr Who episode Blink and the one before with Jessica Hynes from Spaced in  the School in  1913 - what good episodes! (Watching  them with son and some trepidation)

Anyway. This whole Radio 6 thing has changed matters somewhat. What do we listen to - Spotify or Radio 6? Well mainly its been R6. Is that the end of Spotify? I don't know, yet. I'm  still paying  for it.

So heard anything  good. On  SPotify i have to say PVT song Window is great. And we listened to the old Grizzly Bear album Friend. And then went on  an orgy of RAdiohead. During  which i was informed that i can never compete with Thom  Yorke in  anything, even dancing. Actually it seems even Colin Greenwood can dance better than me, and thats based on  an unseen assumption! Still i rate higher than ed o'brien, fact (circa 1993 anyway).

On  the plus side my icecream (or rather Nigella Lawsons quick pomegranite icecream) is better than MAckays icecream. Probably becasue my ice cream is , well, cream. not so much the ice. Still very nice, can't make it too often though.

And Radio 6, well the downside is that you  cant go and pick stuff to listen to. Wow is Sigh's Transubstantiation Fear crazy! is it death speed metal queen 70's southern rock?

Oh and Gonjasufi's The Blame, very nice.

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