Monday, 16 January 2012

SPotify 16 01 12 - and others

Things got pretty bad before christmas. I was, once again, short of a book to read and sniffing  round my bookshelves trying  to rememebr what i had and hadn't read. I was left with 2 Bill Bryson  books and Mary Ann by Daphne du Maurier. Went with the latter, i just can't face Bill Bryson, no idea who he is or why he's famous.

But christmas hit and books came in  a flurry, Mary Ann made it to France, or maybe died, i wasn't paying  much attention at the end just counting  the pages. Now i'm reading  Aurorarama, and frankly any book with an airship on  the cover gets my vote. I knew i would love it from the first line. Nothing  too exciting (maybe something  will happen in  the sequel), but its good.

Music, well i got Marley's Kaya, from my mother ('its sort of jamaican folk music'). Which will always make me smile, has done since i first heard it in '83 while sleeping  on  the floor of a house in  Edinburgh for 9 months (thanks greville).

Actually, we did manage to fire up  Spotifyon  Hogmanay and again  begun  with Lord Creator, who interestingly our friend asked if he was modern/now, whcih goes to show something about LC or perhaps the sound of some current music. He then suggested Caada and Camille, both or whom were pretty good, and i can kind of see why he suggested them after the Lord.

Oh and we have to learn how to make gnochi and buy celery salt.

But to slip in  the exciting  news - i watched (hired) Troll Hunter last night which was just as good as i had hoped it would be. Its a handheld movie set up, just as good as Cloverfield, in  Norwegian, about, well believe it or not, a Troll hunter. A bit funnier than Cloverfield. Brilliant After the film we got out before that mind you  anything  would have seemed brilliant. I can't remember what it was called. Whats her face from the black swan and star wars was feeling  glum a lot. I cried, obviously, but still. I thought it was a horror movie at first, and then a pink dvd case film, and then i gave up  thinking  for a bit.

Its freezing up here, Snowdrops are finally appearing  and after 3 years of meaning  to do it i finally spread the conetnts of the 2 compost bins over the garden beds. Apples and plums for all!

Well there you  go, the start of a year, still listening  to the Bon  Iver album, and broken social scene.

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