Saturday, 23 February 2013

Bored - story for february

so, it was so much easier this time getting  it acepted on  Smashwords - first time in  fact. For some reason it took 2 goes to get on  amazon. not sure why, i cut and pasted into the Carp Pond story so it should have all been pretty well the same...

On Smashwords here the story is available in many more useful formats.

Since putting bored up it got a noticeable immediate bunch of views. I suppose because the 'Murder Mystery' category is more popular. no sales yet.

There has been a slight complication to this whole 12 stories in  12 months. I got it into my head to also release a  tune for each story, and a video. And the video is completely nightmarish. its done but it won't render. or it will render but only if i break it up  into parts, and those parts keep getting  smaller and smaller as i get closer to the end. its a bit like infinity - will i ever reach the end??

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